Its time to Give your Caller ID a Boost and make it work for you!

Its time to Empower your Telephone !


What do we mean by Boost?

The Person-To-Person® device gives you the power to take back your phones from telemarketers and other phone predators by controlling who rings your phone. Its time to get more from your Caller Id service! The Person-To-Person® device allows you to pick the names and phone numbers to allow or refuse to pass to your phone. Sit back and let it do all the work, no more running to the caller id to see if you should answer it or not. The Person-To-Person® device does all the work, you just have to enjoy the peace and quiet.

What Person-To-Person® Product Is right for you ?

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The Technology behind the Product

The Person-To-Person® and FAXFIREWALL™ Devices use the Interceptor ID® Technology to block unwanted phone calls from ringing your phone. Interceptor ID® technology blocks the call before it rings the connected phone and then checks that call against your personal database to see if it should ring the phone, send it to a remote receiver or suppress it to the answering machine port where will not disturb your peace and quiet. The patented technology is the ultimate in stopping unwanted phone calls so say good-bye to telemarketers, bill collectors and other undesirable callers.

Our Website

Our website is the best place on the web to get the Interceptor ID® Products. Make sure to check out our product selection page. The selection wizard helps you to determine what you need to buy to fully protect your residence. Additionally, you can get detailed information about each of the products from the product pages.


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