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Person-To-Person Open Box Special

Product Details

The Open Box units are Person-To-Person units that have been returned and refurbished by the Interceptor IDŽ manufacturer. The units do not have their original packaging but have been tested to be in good working order. These are a good buy for someone who wants to block calls at a lower price and does not care if their unit has some minor scratches or is missing the original packaging. All units come with access to Technical Support and if the units fail to properly operate they will be to repaired or replaced free of charge by Interceptor IDŽ Technical Support. For more information on the Person-To-Person® unit look here.


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Restrictions and limitations of this package:
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Open Box and refurbished products Policy:

Open box units and refurbished units have a non-refundable policy. If your unit is damaged, D.O.A. or Stops working shortly after purchasing it the Interceptor ID® Technical Support will repaired or replaced by a different unit depending on the damage; any damaged units may not be returned for a refund or may not replaced for a new unit.

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